The Temptation Awards™ will recognize outstanding talent and accomplishment in the individuals, companies, and products of the of the entire adult entertainment industry. The nominations and winners of the awards will be determined through an objective and impartial process. Eligible participants of the Temptation Awards™ can be assured that the entire process will be completely independent and conducted without infl uence of industry politics.
The 1st Annual Temptation Awards™ show will be held at the prestigious Westin Bonaventure Hotel in Down Town Los Angeles, California on Saturday, July 29th, 2006.
The Temptation Awards™ ceremony will take place in the California Ballroom.
As with all of the popular mainstream awards shows broadcast on network television, the Temptation Awards™ will feature an outdoor red-carpet for VIP invitees. Although any location for the red-carpet is satisfactory, an indoor red-carpet severely limits access and publicity. The outdoor red-carpet is an important feature as it maximizes the amount of press that can cover the event and therefore the amount of press coverage that VIP’s will receive.
After the red-carpet, invitees will enjoy cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, and banter with colleagues and friends in the Bonaventures Terrace adjoining the California Ballroom.
Following the cocktail party attendees will move from the Foyer to the glamorous California Ballroom where the show will begin. The show will commence with a four course meal prepared by the Bonaventures chefs and served by their expert catering staff. With the start of the desert service the Temptation Awards™ ceremony will begin. The show will be hosted by one of the industry’s top stars and awards, custom made from Optic Crystal, will be presented in more than 30 carefully selected categories. Part way through the show guest will enjoy entertainment by the show’s musical guests.
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